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rar is one of the common file format use for data compression and archiving. What happen if you have a rar file in Linux? Don’t panic, just using the ‘rar’ program ;p There is some intro in Unrar the File. The previous example have shown a simple way to extract a rar, actually still have another way to unrar a file using:

rar x rarfile.rar

unlike ‘e’ switch, this ‘x’ switch will unrar the achive with full pathname and directory if the achive have directory inside.

what if you want to list out the archive content? You can use the ‘v’ switch:

rar v rarfile.rar 

This will list out all the file and directory been archived:

                Size   Packed Ratio  Date   Time     Attr      CRC   Meth Ver
                   0        0   0%  22-03-05 14:00   .D....   00000000 m0  2.0
                   0        0   0%  22-03-05 14:03   .D....   00000000 m0  2.0
                3328     1247  37%  22-03-05 13:49   .....A   F989869E m3e 2.9
              581632   227257  39%  08-09-02 12:13   .....A   88F2E744 m3e 2.9
------------------------------------------------------------------------------       6       584960   228504  39%

if using ‘vb’ switch will omit detail about the file:

rar vb rarfile.rar

and the output will be:


‘l’ and ‘lb’ can be use to list the file, but this two switch will not list out the dir being archived.

to create a rar file is easy :

rar a rarfile.rar filelist

but I have found out that ‘rar’ is a evaluation copy, but you can still using it. May be you will need to register to get a full function.

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  1. Ha! I just realized that rar is shareware,

    RAR 3.60 beta 2   
    Copyright (c) 1993-2006 Alexander Roshal   
    18 Apr 2006 Shareware version

    Any “free” version ?

  2. Too many archives that contain CRC errors. In fact, it’s soo bad, that people should probably abandon it. It was a nice idea, but with a shitty implementation, sorry developer…

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  4. Has anyone ever needed a nice tool for making rars (even split ones) in Linux? The command just too stupid!? ;) Well, check out “my site”! :D

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  5. Thanks for the article. I didn’t know about the vb switch and the man pages weren’t very helpful.

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