SPICE in Linux

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Woh….spice girls har, where where?? Haha…is in Linux machine. SPICE is stand for ‘Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis’ and was inspired by the application to IC design, which made computer simulation mandatory. To run a simulation in Linux, you will need a ng-spice and you can freely download from here.

After finish download, you can follow the step show in Install From Tarball, you will need to enable a xspice feature:

./configure --enable-xspice

To simulate a circuit, of cause you will need a circuit file:

ngspice -b circuit.cir

-b here will process the file in batch mode and will not enter the ng-spice command prompt. This will print all the output on the screen, if you want result print in a file:

ngspice -b circuit.cir -o simulate.out

For more information about SPICE syntax, can go to visit SPICE 3 User Manual.

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  1. […] Last post, I only intro how we can save the data and plot in text files. Actually we can plot the SPICE data in graphical mode, but you will need ‘gwave’ and a SPICE raw file. So go and get gwave: […]

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  3. Is possible to plot the component’s comportment in a graphic, or it just generates the file with measures on the circuit nodes from a netlist file?

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