disable text wrapping at vim

January 3rd, 2007 mysurface Posted in Text Manipulation, vi, vim | Hits: 83358 | 5 Comments »

vim wrapping the text by default. When a line is exceed the width of your viewable screen, the text will be wrap to next line. Sometimes, it is messy. Especially when you read the log file with many columns.

To disable wrapping in vim

:set nowrap

You can write that to ~/.vimrc, so that it will disable wrapping by default.

set nowrap

You can even bind it to a key to toggle wrapping, let say I wanna bind it to F5, I add this line to ~/.vimrc

:map <F5> :set nowrap! <CR>

For more key binding tips, check out Key mapping of vim 7

5 Responses to “disable text wrapping at vim”

  1. Fancy stuff when nowrap

    :set sidescroll=5
    :set listchars+=precedes:<,extends:>


    :h wrap
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