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Watching flash video (flv) with your own source of subtitles. How can it be done?

Yes, you can, with some simple steps and mplayer. Recently I found a page with lots of flash videos such as cartoon, show and series which I can watch online. I can watch the series that I have missed, it is really a gift for me! contains a lots of TV shows and series, but I have 2 problems to solve.

1. It loaded slow. I lived in a country which I have no capable of get good bandwidth.
2. The subtitles, the video loaded with the subtitles that I couldn’t read.

How am I to suppose to solve my problem and get maximum entertained?

Flash video can be downloaded, check out VideoDownloader for more details.

mplayer can play flash video, of course with the correct codecs.

You can search for subtitles at, made the subtitle’s file name same as flv’s filename and do this:

mplayer heroes_s1e01.flv -fs -subfont-text-scale 3

And you are done! Enjoy your videos with your own subtitles :)
Bare in mind it may load a bit slow, and it is suggested to close all flash related website or close all your firefox.

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  1. is an online subtitle creator tool for flv videos. you don`t need to have a software installed and you can
    also transform different formats like srt to timedtext (e.g.)

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