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February 10th, 2007 mysurface Posted in Misc, Text Manipulation, vi, vim | Hits: 40968 | 3 Comments »

If you have search for vim tips at here, you may remember to go to the desire line while opening file with vim is like this

vim hello.c +12

And while edit with vim, to move to desire line, type the line number and press shift g or G. With the search forward and backward tips examples shows here.

Yesterday, I accidentally discover that to move to a desire line while edit with vim, can be done by this


As I press escape and colon more often than pressing shift g, goto a line with :<line number&mt; is more comfortable for me.

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  1. 12gg works well too.

  2. Yes it works, good tip

  3. 12% works for relative goto percentage (start typing 12 and press % and will be automatically positioned at 12%)

    useful for large logs

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