Monitor who runs what, listen to what ports, established what connections.

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To identify and monitor who is running what applications, which the application is listening to what port, established what connections, we can use lsof. lsof (List Open Files) are use for listing all current opened files. Besides the file name, it includes info such as who open it, what command use to open it, what type of file is it etc.

To list all Internet or network related opened files.

lsof -i


ktorrent  5220 mysurface   14u  IPv4  13129       TCP *:6881 (LISTEN)
ktorrent  5220 mysurface   15u  IPv6  13152       UDP *:6881 
ktorrent  5220 mysurface   16u  IPv4  41606       TCP> (SYN_SENT)
ktorrent  5220 mysurface   17u  IPv4  41597       TCP> (SYN_SENT)
ktorrent  5220 mysurface   18u  IPv4  36757       TCP> (ESTABLISHED)

You might facing some latency while listing them, the reason is, lsof cleverly replace your IP with DNS, so it need times to resolve DNS. To ask it stop to act smart and display with only numerical IP addresses, specified -n.

lsof -i -n

You may want to list open files with root permission, which returns you more entries.

sudo lsof -i -n

lsof list both IPv6 and IPv4 related files by default. You specified -i4 if you want entries with IPv4 only, same thing to IPv6, specified -i6.

sudo lsof -i4 -n

Okay, If you just want to list files which triggers by a specific user only, you can do this:

sudo lsof -i -n -a -u toydi

-a indicate AND logic, the entire line simply means, I want to list Internet related open files and these files must be trigger by toydi.

Again, lsof capable of doing more, check out the manuals for more details.

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5 Responses to “Monitor who runs what, listen to what ports, established what connections.”

  1. this is really great explanation, thanks!

  2. […] Wanna try out tcpdump but donno what’s the port to try on? You can obtain a lots of packets flows while you hook up to the Internet. Search a port through lsof to practise your tcpdump and have fun. Read Monitor who runs what, listen to what ports, established what connections for lsof examples. […]

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