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After experiencing Linux for two years, I have compiled a list of applications that I use it daily. I would like to share my point of views on those applications and its alternatives. I hope that will served as a reference for those who have dilemma selecting them.


Linux Distribution: Ubuntu Linux
Ubuntu is very easy to install and customize. It consist of only one cd, allows online upgrades. The important thing is using apt-get for packages installation is convenient and fast. Fedora is another good distribution, the reason I do not use Fedora is because the native package manager tool is yum,. Compared to apt-get, yum is slow.
Alternatives: Fedora, Suse, Debian, Gentoo.

X Windows Manager: Fluxbox
Fluxbox is a very lightweight Windows Manager (wm), it gives me a lots of flexibilities on customizing my desktop, key bindings and manipulating the Apps. They have an active development team, which you can contact them at irc:// For Linux Novice users, I suggest you to stick with KDE or Gnome first, until you feel you want to have lightweight and flexible windows manager.
Alternatives: KDE, Gnome, xfce, e17

Media player: mplayer
I advocate mplayer without creepy front-end, executing mplayer on terminal works extremely well. A lots of front-end mplayer GUI limits the capabilities of mplayer and introduces a lots of problems.
Alternatives: xine with xine-ui, vln

Audio player: Amarok, xmms
Amarok is a great audio player from KDE development team, feature rich and very stylish, it support ipod sync too. xmms is just looks like winamp, I use it to listen online radio from shoutcast.

Text Editor: vim, kate
vim or vi is a good very good text editor that will be commonly installed by default on any *nix. Very customizable, I even use it as my c/c++ programming editor. Kate is KDE default text editor. Compared to gedit, I like kate more because it listed my opened files in list instead of a short tabs. Gedit gives me problems when I open too many files that exit the maximum tabs it allows to view at once. I have to navigate my tabs by clicking the arrows.
Alternatives: emacs, nano, gedit.

Virtual Terminal: konsole
The reason I use konsole under gnome environment instead of gnome-terminal, it because of I find konsole GUI toolset are well managed. Two things I find gnome-terminal irritating is when I enlarge the font size, the window size is increase as well. It leads more problems when different tabs have different font size. Secondly, adding a new tab from no tabs, the window will be out of shape too.
Alternatives: gnome-terminal, aterm, rxvt, xterm, eterm

Internet Browser: Firefox
I think most of us use Firefox.
Alternatives: opera, epiphany, Konqueror

IRC client: xchat
xchat is just simple, I am not irc power user, therefore, xchat is enough for me.
Alternatives: irssi

Email client: Thunder Bird
Thunder Bird is from Mozilla, a very simple email client. It just works.
Alternatives: Evolution, KMail

Messenger: gaim, pidgin
Gaim do not support p2p file transfer, cannot support video conferencing, sending message while appear offline. But I still using gaim because I couldn’t find any good messenger that is so lightweight and stable. Pidgin = Gaim, they just changed their name with some reasons.
Alternatives: amsn, kopete, emesene

File Manager: pcmanfm
pcmanfm is a very nice file manager that support tabs, and a lots of convenient features, read here to know more.
Alternatives: nautilus, konqueror, thunar, xfe, midnight commander, any terminal apps ( ls, cp, mv, rm…)

Image viewer: gqview, gthumb
I like both gqview and gthumb, they both works wonders.
Alternatives: feh

Photo Editing tools: GIMP
Not much alternatives, GIMP will be the alternatives of photoshop. For vector drawing, go for inkscape, open office draw.
Alternatives: GIMPshop ( GIMP with some toolset and menu arrangement)

Wifi Utils: nm-applets
I only use gnome network manager with nm-applets.
Alternatives: wifi radar, wpa_supplicant

Torrent client: ktorrent
I am not a heavy users of torrent client, ktorrent works fine for me.
Alternatives: Deluge, rtorrent, Azureus

Misc: gFTP( access ftp site), fcit (chinese input), stardict ( dictionary).

There are definitely more alternatives, I can’t list all of them in one post. Enlighten me if you find any great apps that I didn’t not mention at here.

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  2. Good hints. I agree on most of them.
    But I strongly disagree on the Media Player, I use three:
    – Kaffeine (lastest version 0.85)
    – Mplayer
    – VLC

    And by far, Kaffeine is far ahead on usual Media playing, including videos, music and Internet streams. Plus also integrates Digial TV, allowing to automatically scan and organize channels, and works also as PVR (Personal Video Recorder). So you can program the time when your show will start on TV and Kaffeine will recorded for you.

    It has a nice GUI and it is really stable.
    My vote goes to Kaffeine!

  3. Kubunteando:
    Thats great! I am using ubuntu all the while, planning to shift to kubuntu for this coming release. Will definitely going to try on Kaffeine! Thanks.

  4. You newbs.

  5. Audio Player

    Rss Reader

    Deluge torrent


    Web Browser

    Amarok have a poor quality sound and is slow

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  7. Good list, missing lot’s of good multimedia player like

    1) atunes
    2) Kaffeine
    3) VLC
    4) Xine

    etc …

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