How to create animate gif from your mobile video

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I can upload my video clip that capture from my mobile phone to youtube. But sometimes, I want it to be animate gif, so that I can easily blend it with my blog post. What software I need to do that?

Basically you need a cell phone can capture video into avi or 3gp, and you need mplayer to convert your video to animate gif. At last, you can use GIMP to refine your gif’s quality. Here is my output animate gif.

finger say hi

Here is the simple steps how I do it.

1. Snapshot with your cell phone.

2. Upload to your pc.

3. Convert using mplayer

mplayer -vo gif89a 04112007006.3gp

4. The result output will be in out.gif, open with GIMP to make some refinement.
Each of the frame will be separate by different layers in GIMP, you can edit each of them easily. Remember to optimize it by selecting Filters -> Animation -> Optimize ( for GIF). This will increase your quality of the animation gif and further reduce the size of the image. You can have a preview by selecting Filters -> Animation -> Playback

5. Save your animation gif.
While saving to GIF, remember to select save as Animation. ( It will be pop up when you click save)

Hope you enjoy doing this, have fun.

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  1. This looks cool, but I am not really liking the picture quality.

  2. Hey I think your blog is really good! I found it on Google I think I’ll be coming back soon.

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