Experiencing with iPython

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What is iPython? Is it something to do with Apple Macintosh? as stylish products like ipod and iphone? If you are enjoy coding python like me, yes ipython is a stylish and very interactive python interpreter.

Auto Complete
ipython support auto complete, which is the very first reason I use it. With auto complete features, it increase the fun of learning the python lib by reducing the steepness of learning curve. If you try, you understand why.


Support shell commands
I have been using ipython for awhile but why I didn’t write about in the first place? I’ll been using it’s auto complete feature for to learn and test the libs while coding it. Until one day, I accidentally type ls and press enter. Eh! how come it works? So I further try others command, cd, pwd OMG! it works!

A better shell experience with ipython

In order to makes it more shell rich, we can start ipython with shell profile.

ipython -p sh

So that I can use more command lines like grep, cat, less, vim etc.

Bring ls results to color
One thing you may discovered and find it irritating is that there are no colors for ls result by default. Hey! but you can set an alias in ~/.ipython/ipythonrc, travels your self to the last line and enter the alias before the ********end of file <ipythonrc> ***********

alias ls ls --color=auto

Now your ls results will fill with colors like in your bash prompt.


There are so much more yet to discover with ipython, as I am still poking it. I will share the tips after I discover more.

Python folks who haven’t install ipython, don’t you wanna try?

p.s. ipython have windows version, get it from here.

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