Listen audio player: webradio, lyrics, podcast and all at once

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Listen, a feature rich audio player allows you to enjoy the most fun out of music! You can listen to the webradio, I have tried on, it works as expected. It support social networks. It allows you to download album art from amazon ( it doesn’t work at the moment) as well as from google image. You can add you podcast feed. Yes, the lyrics can be fetch automatically from and and searching album, artist info from wikipedia.

feature rich audio player

I am currently experiencing with listen version 0.5. Okay, you hear enough of the features, now talk about its limitations. You should expect me compare listen to Amarok. Amarok is a well known feature rich kde audio player, not to mention, it is still the best audio player for me.

The UI looks weird to me at first, I find listen looks like notice board to me, various stuff scattering into one board. There are some limitations on the context menu when I right click on the now playing playlist, It doesn’t allow me to edit the mp3 tag, I have to edit it from another block. I can’t navigate my current playing track, if I wanna listen to the track in the middle, I can’t, I need to start it from the beginning. (updates! I tried on ubuntu, the same version 0.5, it works! By the way, the control named as slider.) Odd, listen don’t have STOP button, it allow me to toggle between PLAY and PAUSE but not STOP. It doesn’t support external device like iPod, I am not sure whether it can play audio CD or not, I only tested with MP3.

Don’t get me wrong! I like this audio player very much, just I feel listen still have much room to improve and I look forward to it. Did I mention this audio player was written in python? Yeah!

You can download listen from HERE. or simply get it from your linux distro repository, enjoy!

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  2. Nice one surface,

    Never know it existed until i read this post.

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  4. Hey! Great post, i will try Listen to see if it’s the player I was looking for. Thank you

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