Tribute to the Kubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04

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While the world celebrating the new release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04, Kubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 has announced its double vision release too. Kubuntu Hardy Heron provides you two choice of KDE, either you want a very stable KDE 3.5.9 or bleeding edge KDE 4.

I have to say Kubuntu team has made a wise decision for this double vision release. For certain users, they using their kubuntu as it’s development platform, office workstation etc, what they really need is a very stable KDE environment. On the other hand, KDE fans may want a brand new KDE 4, so they can toy with it, experience the bleeding edge technology on desktop. I appreciate the double vision release as it takes user needs into consideration, by willing to take up the challenge of supporting two variants of Kubuntu. I hope that the Fedora Sulphur also provides the same flexibility on the choice of KDE during upgrades and also installation.

Well, the spot light are always focus on Ubuntu but not much on Kubuntu. Why? I believes Mark Shuttleworth doing a very good job on marketing Ubuntu, but does he wants to do that for Kubuntu? Or it simply because Kubuntu is not the main stream?

Stumble upon the The Car Lounge Forum, I find some very interesting speak up from the crowd regarding Kubuntu:

They’ve always treated Kubuntu as a second class citizen and it shows. Kubuntu has a serious lack of feature parity with Ubuntu; this has little to nothing to do with the actual DE. It’s the lack of paid developers on the Kubuntu side that causes this.

Bottom line is, if you want a user friendly linux distro and you want to run KDE, you don’t use Kubuntu, you use SUSE or PCLinuxOS.

Someone Reply:

What’s so much better about SUSE? I tried their KDE4 image and felt it was worse than Kubuntu KDE4 because (apart from creating the ugliest theme I’ve seen) they replace all this system control apps with their own apps which IMO are inferior to the default KDE apps.

Someone Further Added:

Kubuntu also had more KDE4 apps in the repos, I was able to find the KDE4 versions of Digikam, Karbon and Krita (IIRC). I never checked for Krita, but SUSE didn’t have packages for Karbon and Digikam (well they had packages but they were the KDE3 versions).

Can’t deny that Debian maintains wider range of packages.

If Kubuntu works for you, that’s great! However, I think I’m expressing a majority opinion on Kubuntu’s quality (especially when compared to Ubuntu!). A lot of SUSE devs are also KDE devs and Novell is one of KDE’s major supporters (see–that alone should tell you something. If you’re curious about how other distros do KDE, I suggest trying SUSE, PCLinuxOS, Sidux, Mint, Sabayon, and maybe Fedora’s KDE. IMO, KDE in these distros is more stable and polished than Kubuntu (7.10).

Well, really can’t make the judge which KDE based linux distro is the best unless we tried all of them. Even we do that, it also brings personal requirements into the judgment. But question is do I need to do that for making a decision to choose a KDE based linux distro? My answer is No! Seriously I don’t care which one is the best, I just like Kubuntu!

P.S. I was wondering, is Kubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 a LTS ( Long Term Support) ?

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  1. Kubuntu 8.04 is not LTS, just a regular release. This is due to KDE4 be still too young and buggy (4.1 is behind the corner). KDE3 is stable but in the long run of a LTS release would be become obsolete. Let’s say that they skipped the LTS to avoid getting stuck in a transition.

  2. agreed personally I liked Kubuntu, I tried Opensuse, Mandriva, Mint,Fedora all KDE versions, but always back to kubuntu, right now I using Ubuntu becouse Kubuntu Failed to Download, just waiting until server´s are back no normal.

  3. NickF: Make sense, thanks for the info.
    quique1hn: haha, you actually tried all of them. The reason I like kubuntu mainly because apt-get. apt-get is the fastest package downloader.

  4. Sulphur will only include KDE4 .. maintaining KDE3 in Fedora is a massive hit on fedora rapid development cycle because fedora will had to maintain 2 development tree , 1 for applications compiled with KDE3 libraries dependencies and 1 for applications compiled KDE4 libraries dependencies..

    Given with the speed of development in Fedora and the limited manpower and resources, it became not feasible to maintain 2 trees at once .. slowing down development because of the KDE3 tree unable to cope with KDE4 tree and facing problems because of the conflicting of packages and libraries of both trees are the last thing fedora want to do in such environment where there are a lot of people who are not paid to maintain and doing it on their free time .. (redhat employees maintain less than a quarter of apps in fedora, the rest are done by volunteers) ..

    unlike {u,ku,xu}buntu world where stuff where the moving parts are less, fedora world have a lot of moving parts, which made it very hard to maintain older versions because of incompatibility with newer libraries and dependencies ..

    therefore, Fedora9 will only ship KDE4, nonetheless, some applications which { uses kde3 libs and are not conflicting with kde4 apps } are still shipped together to lessen the impact of lack of applications built for KDE4 ..

  5. Hi, it seems that many people think Mark Shuttleworth is giving ubuntu 8.04 preferential treatment over kubuntu 8.04. Well, I think that it’s simply because Kubuntu isn’t an LTS release, and Ubuntu is. If you check out, you’l also see Mark Shuttleworth there as a supporter of KDE. One reason why I chose Ubuntu, even though I liked Kubuntu better, was because it included ntfs-g by default earlier than kubuntu. Well, I may be wrong, but that was my experience, maybe the kubuntu ntfs-g just didn’t work for me, back when I was totally new to linux (not that long ago…)

  6. KageSenshi:

    Agree, thats why kubuntu separate them into double vision release, instead of maintaining one big tree allowing us to choose either KDE 3 or 4. Thats why I respect Kubuntu team take up the challenge to maintain 2 trees during the transition period of KDE3 to KDE4.

    Ya, my concern for Fedora 9 is, if I upgrades my F8 to F9, will kde4 app as stable as kde3 app, because I use it for my work, I can’t bare the consequences of using buggy apps.

    Therefore, I am thinking whether should I upgrade or not.

  7. marko: I remember I did ntfs-g at kubuntu 7 before and it works. Maybe like you said, its not done by default on kubuntu 7.

  8. @mysurface

    kubuntu able to do that because they are moving at debian/ubuntu pace, which is slower and less headache .. while fedora is unable to do that because of the pace is faster and harder for older versions to keep up.. imagine kubuntu double vision release as 2 bmw moving full speed .. and fedora (if they tried maintaining 2 kde releases) as 1 ferrari and 1 bmw moving full speed .. the former, both can keep up with each other, while the latter, unless the ferrari slow down, the bmw can’t keep up .. hindering fedora development to support older kde3 is a decision fedora chosen not to make ..

    there are a lot of advancement in F9, one of which is very inconvenient to people who are depending on nonfree X drivers -> which is Xserver 1.5 (which introduces a lot of cool stuff like 1secondX, easy XrandR and multimonitor, ttm buffer, etc) ..

    for now, unless you are using intel driver, i would recommend using F8 until those slow proprietary vendors release new drivers for new xserver.. about kde, I would recommend waiting for KDE4.1 .. kde4.0 still have a lot of rough edges .. if i’m not mistaken, kde4.1 will be pushed to fedora9 as an update ..

    you can also choose to follow ditesh, which is to wait until fedora(n+2) development is halfway before upgrading fedora(n) to fedora(n+1) .. as around that time, usually a lot of apps already catched up with the new technologies and fedora(n+1) already cooled down because developers are now focusing on fedora(n+2) …

  9. @KageSenshi:

    You are right, as I am happy with Fedora 8, I don’t think I wanna move to Fedora 9 so fast. Thanks for your sharing :)

  10. So what’s the consensus best way to install? From the Kubuntu live CD, or to install Ubuntu and then apt-get install kde-desktop?

    I’m currently running the Kubuntu Feisty Fawn release, which I installed from the Kubuntu CD. But I had some trouble setting it up initially because a lot of the Ubuntu system administration tools weren’t installed by default from the CD.

  11. @sjrice: I plan to first try to upgrade using alternate cd to kde-4 remix, if it doesn’t satisfied me, I will reinstall everything. By the way that is my personal entertainment laptop. Therefore, stability and leak of administration tools are not my concern.

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  13. Kubuntu needs better treatment compared to Ubuntu/Gnome. LTS or not, it’s a second class citizen, no matter what they say. KDE is good and so is Gnome but I much prefer Kubuntu. Yes, you have to add the darn restricted stuff but i don’t care. That’s a small price to pay for the best system IMHO on the planet. I just feel slighted, compared to Ubuntu users. They say it’s the same but just a different DE but just look at the Kubuntu website and compare that to Ubuntu’s. Kubuntu needs some love and respect. Personally, I think it’s much better suited to new users (and old.) Sure choice is good and all but Kubuntu is getting the short end of the stick here. Let’s at least; the very least, keep the Kubuntu site on par with (or combined with) the Ubuntu site.

    I do see an effort with the Ubuntu forums, to list by cloer coded DE. AKA (Kubuntu.) That’s very good. the “Kubuntu forums should summarily be merged with the Ubuntu(/Kubuntu) forums. That at least should be a no brainier.

    What is Kubuntu missing that Gnome-Ubuntu isn’t? Why?

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