checking disk space using df and du

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The common way to check for all partition disk space, how much is still remain, you can simple use

df -h

Usually I will put -h to make it size human readable.

Another good tools to check the disk space for directories, we use du. You may realized that when you type ls -l, the size of every directories have the same size 4096, it is because directories is actually a file. But for us, we want to know how large the load it store instead the directory file itself.

To show all directories size including sub directories, type

du -h

To calculate the current directory size you are in (-s stand for summary)

du -sh

To show all the 1 level sub directories size (which you are not interested at sub sub directories.)

du -sh *

To show the size of specific directory

du -sh /home

To show the size of all sub directories of a specific directory

du -sh /home/*

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