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September 11th, 2006 mysurface Posted in eject, Hardware | Hits: 25962 | 2 Comments »

If you don’t know you can eject any removable media easily without worried about unmount the devices, I am here to show you how. The media consist of cdrom, floppy, pen drives, webcam, any usb-storage devices.

To eject my ipod nano.

eject sda1

My ipod nano are inject through USB port. As usual, devices that plug though USB will be binds with /dev/sda, which I figure out that my ipod is actually binds to sda1. I do check my mount point by typing


But it doesn’t show me that I mount the ipod storage, but the ipod nano display “do not disconnect”. That makes me believe that it some how mounting or binding. Therefore I eject it with name sda1 and it works.

Later I figure out I can actually list all devices that can be eject by

eject -d

If you couldn’t find this command eject, you can download by yum or apt-get ( or other’s way). The package name is eject.

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