nautilus command line

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Actually every applications run under linux has its command line and also options to manipulate, check out nautilus with

nautilus --help

Why I need to specified options to load up nautilus? It seems to be accesible on just click on it?

The reason is I am a fluxbox user, by running nautilus, it loaded gnome desktop as well, I don’t want that, therefore I do this:

nautilus --no-desktop --browser

–no-desktop, don’t load desktop, and –browser to make nautilus act like file browser, else when open a folder, it spawn another new windows.

The reason I like nautilus, because it allow me to access samba easily by doing this


You can access fonts, gnome themes like


It supports burn iso to cd or dvd, by just right click and select to burn. A lots more yet to be discover.

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  1. [...] I feel smbclient not efficient compare to sftp, sftp have great command such as lpwd, lls and lcd which is really efficient, where smbclient only have lcd. But for sftp, you need to have ssh access, it doesn’t work for accessing windows machine. Alternatively, you can access smb service through nautilus too. [...]

  2. hi! i was wondering, if i were using multiple workspaces, and i wanted to run the nautilus on to a different workspace. how do i do that? i’ve been playing around with the –display and the gtk-screen but I really do not know how to use it hehe. pls tell me if you found a way to switch a nautilus to a different workspace.

  3. I’m looking for a quick and dirty way to get sizes of jpegs.

    Would it be possible to have nautilus spit out it’s file property data from the command line?


    #: nautilus –file-properties/image sample.jpeg
    Image Type: jpeg (The JPEG image format)
    Width: 1366 pixels
    Height: 1035 pixels

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