Overview: Archive tools for linux

April 7th, 2007 mysurface

There are various archive file format exist, such as .tar.gz, .tgz, .tar.bz2, .gz, .bz2, .zip, .rar, .7z. The common questions regarding archives are “how to extract files from tar.gz?”, “how to create rar in Linux?” etc. Therefore this overview aims to covers simple examples of archive tool usage for the common format such as: tar, […]

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Compress to multiple volume RAR

February 25th, 2007 toydi

To compress a big video file, movie.avi and split it into multiple files, each size up to 12MB, rar a -m5 -v12m myarchive movie.avi A list of files (myarchive.part1.rar, myarchive.part2.rar, ..) will be created in current directory. You may change the compression quality, -m5 is the best and the slowest, while -m0 do no compression […]

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More on rar

October 14th, 2006 liewsheng

rar is one of the common file format use for data compression and archiving. What happen if you have a rar file in Linux? Don’t panic, just using the ‘rar’ program ;p There is some intro in Unrar the File. The previous example have shown a simple way to extract a rar, actually still have […]

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Unrar the file

September 9th, 2006 mysurface

Unrar encrypted rar file in gnome seems to fail. One day, I have downloaded a rar file with password and it seems can’t be open by gnome archive manager. If this happen to you, don’t panic, I have a solution for you. First of all, check to see you have rar installed or not, if […]

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