Why linux live cd are important? How useful is it?

April 4th, 2007 mysurface

There a plenty of linux live cd, check out frozentech.com, scroll down the list and you will see this line: Currently displaying 315 LiveCD/DVDs With various tools such as Kadischi, linux live script, Ubuntu Customization Kit etc, you can easily come out your own live cd. What you required is just the matter of time […]

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Disk Partitioning

December 9th, 2006 liewsheng

Nowadays P2P like bittorrent are so popular, until others need to add a new harddisk to download all the stuff. A new harddisk is need to repartition before you can use it. To partitioning the new harddisk, you can use this: sudo fdisk /dev/hd< x > the < x > can be any of a, […]

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