searching man page inside vi editor

August 4th, 2006 mysurface Posted in Text Manipulation, vi, vim | Hits: 37846 | 3 Comments »

This is a tips provided by my friend durian. In order to search for man page while you are viewing either script or source code using vi editor, you can search for man page without quiting vi editor.

put your cursor over the keyword which you want to look up, and press shift-K

Let say if you want to look up some manual with numbers, you can do so with

place your cursor, press number and shift-K


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  1. Vi 提示:在 Vi 编辑器中搜索 man 页…

    虽然标题说的是在 Vi 编辑器中搜索 man 页,其实在 Vim、GVim 中是同样有效的。对于编写脚本或是浏览源代码时,这个小的技巧将非常有用。它让你不必离开 Vi 窗口便可以查看 man 页的内容。方…

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