ssh tunneling with local port

November 7th, 2006 mysurface Posted in Admin, ssh | Hits: 24588 | No Comments »

I remember I do post an example of how to do a dynamic tunnelling through ssh.

For this post, I am going to tunnel specific port from a remote site to my localhost. Assume the remote site have vncserver which open a display port at :1 for you, and its domain name is “”. VNC need 2 ports for connecting it. It start from 5800 and 5900. Seems that the display port is at :1, therefore, you need to access and But the port is not open at router, but you have ssh port 22 open. Hey lets play the trick!


By doing that, now the remote port 5801 and 5901 is already forward to my localhost. So Now I can fireup vncview and access the desktop like this


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