gnome network manager savior for wireless user

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To connect to wifi Acess Point which uses WPA encryption, you can uses wpa_supplicant.

But what if you have difficulty to make it right? getting panic? You need some GUI to help out? Don’t worry, gnome network manager gives you a good help.

Check with your distro, It should be very easy installation. For Debian, Ubuntu,

apt-get install network-manager-gnome

Then login again to your gnome, the applet should be appear at top right coner. You just need to enter your AP name (only if the applet didn’t detect), the encryption type and passphrase.

What if I am not gnome user?
For KDE user can check out kwlan, or network-manager-kde for debian/kubuntu. But the applet actually works for KDE.

What if I am using fluxbox or other windows manager?
The command that trigger the applet is nm-applet, put that to your startup script will be done.

nm-applet &

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  1. […] At my side, I have Linux installed with wifi adapter too (eth1). I would like to mention what tools and commands I use along the setup. I have gnome-network-manager installed, which uses nm-applet to help me connect access point with wpa encryption. I uses ifconfig to configure my IP address and uses iwconfig to check my wireless adapter information, and probably need to use route to set a default gateway. […]

  2. If you are connecting to encrypted WAPs, etc, nm-applet uses the gnome keyring daemon to store the keys, and it must be started as well – just add “gnome-keyring-daemon &”

  3. it disappeared, and I am unable to get it back:-(

    Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how do I go about getting it back?

  4. @Steve: What do you mean it disappear? What linux distro are you using? Try to press Alt-F2 and run nm-applet. I assume you are using gnome or kde.

  5. It really is simple to see that you’re chuffed about your writing. Cheers!

  6. I found the same hack but not including the virus at

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