VIM Tip 0

November 16th, 2006 aizatto Posted in vim | Hits: 18576 | 2 Comments »

Because of popular demand, I will be starting a series on VIM tips, for people interested in learning VIM. VIM is a great text editor, and I use it for everything, including slicing bread. The best thing is that it brings me the speed I need for programming.

Since I’ll be thinking of what to write for the next coming articles, I can start you off with how to teach yourself VIM. Fire up your terminal and enter:


I myself started off learning VIM using this, and its very easy to follow. The Vimdoc website also contains resources for you to get started. Similarly there is a PDF book for those who prefer reading such materials.

Well first learn the basics of VIM, and I’ll see you next time when we start doing some VIM kungfu.

For those of you who can’t remember VIM shortcuts, there are some cheat sheets available.

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  1. vim, here i come!

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