kill process with care

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A lots of people likes to do kill -9, which means kill a process by force. By specified -9, process will be terminated by force, which is very fast and confirm kill but it leaves hidden side effects. Refers to Useless use of kill -9, kill a process by specified -9 may leave child processes of a parent orphaned, temporary files open, shared memory segments active, and sockets busy. This leaves the system in a messy state, and could lead to unanticipated and hard to debug problems.

How to kill a process?
To kill a process, you need to know its process ID (PID). The easiest way to check is by ps with grep, let say I wanna check the PID of gaim.

ps aux | grep gaim

Let say it returns PID with numbers 5678, Then now you can kill and check with ps and grep again to confirm whether the process have successfully kill.

kill 5678

Alternatively, you can kill processes by specified process name using pkill, again I wanna kill gaim.

pkill gaim

How to force kill a process?

You can choose a signal to send to the process, checks the kill manual for available signals to send.

man kill

Usually if you process was unable to kill, first check whether you need to have root privilege to kill? certain process is instantiate by root, to kill you must have the same level of privilege.

sudo kill 5678

Second, try to kill with -1 and -2 before uses -9.

kill -1 5678

Okay, the process is really irritating, let me force kill it,

kill -9 5678

Some process may have multiple instances, killing the process one by one with PID is nightmare, so kill them all one shot!

killall gaim

Still there? grrrrrrrrrr!

sudo killall -9 gaim

Haha this is just an example, anyway you usually no need to perform a force kill like that.

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  1. lol dat was funny
    you can also use
    sudo kill -KILL pid

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  4. believe me or not, i ran into a strange problem on ubuntu 8: put in a scratched CD, refused to read it. tryied to open a text file, processor load 100%, CD cannot be ejected or unmounted, killall -9 gedit has no effect, and even afeter removing the CD by force from drive, the process is still there with 100% load..

  5. Can any one help me how to kill process by reading the process id from file

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  23. Original title: Chen Lidan: adhere to the principle of party spirit, respect the law of news [Xi Jinping light on the news public opinion work an important speech interpretation] Author: Renmin University of China School of journalism professor Chen Lidan one or two points, an action principle of Xi Jinping speech of 2.19 this year after 2013 8.19 and 2014 8.18 speech, speech on the news, propaganda and public opinion work and an important speech, the basic focus on news reports in the lead, “to adapt to the development of domestic and international situation, the party’s work from the perspective of the global positioning, adhere to the party’s leadership, adhere to the correct political orientation, adhere to the people-centered job oriented, respect the law of Journalism and communication, innovation methods, to improve the party’s public opinion propagation force, guiding force, influence, credibility”. If a condensed two points, namely, a principle of action. Two points are adhere to principles of party spirit, respect for the rule of Journalism and mass communication, and implement down, make two unified action principle is Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that “to the people as the center of work oriented”, do journalism “and the people of the party unity” rather than confrontation, “continue to solve ‘to whom, rely on who, I am who’ this fundamental problem”. key points about the party’s principles with respect to the news law both Marxism news view, Xi Jinping, early presides over the work of the Ningde prefectural had quite precise about, he said: “journalism as a science, politics and the relationship between very closely. But that is not to say that news can be equated with political, not say can not it is true for the political needs, so it is necessary to emphasize the party spirit of news work, we can not ignore the rules of journalism itself. ” This time, Xi Jinping once again demonstrated the principle of party spirit and respect the news dissemination rule, and further specific. Second, uphold the party spirit principle according to the speech, Xi Jinping, on the party spirit principle can be summarized in a few points, first, “must from the overall work of the Communist Party of grasp of the news public opinion work of the party”. This is the 8.19 speech points again. The Xi speech requires propaganda work put forward “bearing in mind the overall situation, grasp the trend, focusing on events, because of the situation and seek, powerful and moving, homeopathy, because more media was absorbed in immediate and local interests, while ignoring the global trend. The past two years, China’s media is doing much better than before, but there are still some propriety improper things. second, “the party’s principles, the most fundamental is to uphold the party’s leadership of the news public opinion. The host of the party and the government media is the position of the party and government propaganda, the party must name. All the work of the Party of the news media, should reflect the will of the party, reflect the stand of the party, maintain the authority of the CPC Central committee……”. Xi Jinping stressed this point, it is still necessary to. Eighteen years, various principles and policies of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in implementing the encounter to interests of all kinds of soft and hard to resist, for more than two years ago, the main problem is some of the media and media people directly and openly against the party guidelines and policies of the Central Committee, and then emphasis is “adhere to the spirit, core is to adhere to the correct political orientation, a firm political stance, the firm to promote the party’s theory, line, principles and policies, firm to promote the central major work deploy, firm central propaganda about the situation of significant analysis and judgment, firmly with the Central Committee to maintain a high degree of consistency, and resolutely safeguard the authority of the central government.” The same core point of the speech, but the expression slightly focus, reflect the requirements of the will of the party, the party’s views reflected in the thought, maintaining the authority of the CPC Central committee. third party principle specific aspects of public opinion orientation requirements. Xi Jinping was talking much, he said: “all aspects of the news public opinion from all aspects of the work, we must adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion. At all levels of Party newspapers and journals, radio and television stations to speaking guide, the metropolitan newspapers and new media to speaking guide; news reports to speaking guide, supplement and special programs, advertising to speaking guide, news and current affairs to speaking guide, entertainment and social news to speaking guide… ” These requirements are not some harsh? I agree. Any dissemination of the contents, the existence of non grasp, cannot abandon the moral and social basic principles to attract eyeball. A few days ago I saw a report in the Spring Festival Chronicle: a sicker Northeast Village “, this is a serious social problem of long communication, but the title in the site into the Northeast reporters return horizons: faithless, villager group about gun”, and is equipped with three piece of film “Bailuyuan” women on the Kang, strong sex of color photographs. In fact, this content and communication in only a few dozen words about several cunfu online about things (and did), and the subject distance far. This is not a problem oriented? This kind of situation now many media and in the streets, such as promoting money oriented advertisements, Guoju buried and lying on ice for carp indulge in wilful persecution historical stories to promote filial piety in the public service ads, organize thousands of students and parents feet of the main melody of the formalism of news, to mock the disabled person pretext funny sketch and so on, there are problem oriented?? oriented should not have understood as an external, through administrative control to achieve things, should be internalized into a basic occupation moral consciousness. Such as “the sincere not faze” there have been “expression would rather sit in the BMW cry, do not want to sit on the bike after laugh” point of view, this view of money shouldn’t criticize you? After rectification, now the host of the show and invited guests, obviously incorrect words to our guests are able to spot in a variety of ways in a way that does not harm the parties face the premise to be corrected, this is very good. if the “orientation” understood as deliberately following a certain pattern of do, a pile of sensational cliches + + gorgeous but quality is not high, which the “guide” requirements understanding biased. This year in Liaoning, Beijing, the Spring Festival evening show do Xi Jinping demanding “more design some financial ideological, artistic in one column, more established some popular and entertaining programmes”. three, respect press law respecting the news dissemination rule, the visit and speech, Xi Jinping tells the very real. His dialogue with reporters, said the two objective, true and comprehensive “to report the facts. He said at the forum, “authenticity is the life of news. To describe the facts according to the facts, accurate reporting of individual facts, and from the macro to grasp and reflect the panorama of events or things. The supervision of public opinion and propaganda are unified. The news media should face up to the problems existing in the work, face the social evils, jizhuoyangqing, current malpractice issued at the same time critical reports to accurate facts and objective analysis. ” This is the meaning of respect the law of the news media. Here, Xi Jinping used the words of Marx, “according to the facts to describe the facts”, with live Marx Marxism news view. Xi Jinping this speech, especially on the positive publicity and public opinion, a basic principle of “journalism is often misread the positive propaganda” comb clear. The positive publicity is not bad, but stressed the need to have a positive result. Bad things happen, good criticism, rational beneficial section communication effect is positive; and good service performance for local authorities, spread effect is negative, damage to the party’s reputation. In the past one or two years, a spate of false news to promote positive energy for the tone, but the correct guidance seems to bad social impact, because there is no respect for the law of the news media. Adhere to the principle of party spirit and respect the laws of news, the two should be unified, should remember the lessons of the past. four, insist to people as the center of work oriented in 2013 speech, Xi Jinping has repeatedly mentioned in people’s center oriented work, put forward to whom, rely on who, I am who, speaking the third title namely “the party and the people has always been consistent and unified”, his first sentence is: “the relationship between the party and the people of, originally is a clear answer to the problem, has instead become a so-called complex and sensitive issues the.” Xi noted that “you are for Party speech, or for old people to speak” this the antinomy of Party and people’s awareness of the danger, he argued that the connotation of the party and the people, his argument recovery “and the people of the party unity” the traditional party building theory of our country news and propaganda practice guidance. But in the process of carrying out the speech, in addition to the people’s Daily published a commentary in the newspaper for a signed article, for more than two years saw no view of the unity of the people of the party. the Xi Jinping inspected three media, mention “and the people of the party unity” between words revealed the devoted and loving care for the interests of the people. For example XI by Xinhua news agency media reports platform remote command system, is Henan Lankao County Gu Ying Zhen claw camp four village of investigation of grass-roots cadres of the reporter video link. General secretary pointed out that the grassroots cadres is to consolidate the party’s ruling foundation, related to the vital interests of the masses of the people. The news reporter in-depth investigation and study, the mastery of a hand. A couple who had just participated in the Chinese new year to go grassroots reporters interviewed in the newspaper. General secretary to encourage everyone to write down to earth, much loved by the masses of news reports. from the annual New Year’s message, we can see the general secretary of concern for the safety of people’s lives. He 2015 New Year message said: “this year, our country the number of major natural disasters and accidents, many of our compatriots misfortune has left us, Ludian earthquake caused more than 600 people were killed, we miss them, wish their loved ones are safe.” The first place he went to Beijing from the beginning, is rushed to the earthquake stricken area in Ludian to visit the people there. And after the earthquake, there are individual media the same day Mei Mei was arrested news do come true headlines, large headlines and allotted two big photograph, Ludian earthquake killed hundreds of people in the news, arrange in the corner. Xi Jinping 2016 New Year message said: “Oriental Star” ferry capsized, Tianjin harbor a major fire and explosion, Shenzhen landslide accident caused many of our compatriots lost their lives, and our compatriots are terrorists brutally murdered, is deeply distressing. We miss them, let the dead rest in peace, living in Ankang! The life of the masses and some difficulties and troubles. The party and the government will continue to work hard, to protect people’s lives and property security, improving people’s lives, protecting people’s health.” Xi Jinping is so concerned about the people’s safety, and some of our media reports at the time the headlines of the East Star event, is unexpectedly “students for the people, how fortunate!” “See the world through the wreck China determination”. Xi Jinping to practice their own words and deeds that he proposed “to realize, safeguard and develop the fundamental interests of the people as the starting point and the foothold, adhere to people-oriented, people-oriented” requirements. Xi Jinping, the speech again raised “to whom, rely on who, who I am, very targeted, because indeed some journalists not straighten out your position in society, forget the news work of the party’s glorious tradition and journalistic norms. During the two sessions in 2015, a Xinhua reporter after the interview please parties reviewer, did not expect this behavior was more peer criticism, such as the title of a group of critics is: “x x x personally for journalists revising, the independent personality of the reporter?” Then there is such a few words: “this is the desecration of journalism! An interview with reporters, the interview is over, write a good article, then be interviewed to modify the world, how many journalists do?” A senior reporter made more complaints: “who is eligible to change the manuscript, this did not know?…… The reporter put his manuscript with the object of modification, this is not the occupation ethics professional performance…… After the revising and what attorney revising, correcting what is really shameless audacity, disgrace the industry the remnants of the face. ” in 1943, head of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the “Liberation Daily” editor in chief Lu Dingyi in the US for the basic points of journalism wrote: “we do professional journalists, but has a great disadvantage, because you for the fact that you have reported, there is no perceptual knowledge,, however, does not like the person in the job especially leading the work of people know as a thorough, know so cordial. So in your reports, you must to ask the person to participate in or to lead the work, careful listening, good mind, written after would also like to ask him to seen (or heard) and rehabilitated, writing is not good to listen to his advice re write, to really obtain faithful to the truth. ” Mu Qing, Zhou Feng, Zhou original in 1966 written character communication the county Party committee secretary of the example — Jiao “,” after the completion of the draft of MuQing to Zhouyuan took the manuscript to the Lankao, county Party committee enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee on, reading this manuscript to solicit opinions. The county’s leading cadres, is prior to the people to be interviewed. 2003 mu on the eve of his death also talked about the matter: “in the published before read to you listen, this role a lot, is one of the very important point, heard of the manuscript, won’t let people what obstacles in an interview.” now we put the glorious tradition of forget. The reporter in-depth practical, learning from the masses, the masses do pupils, is Chinese Communist Party journalistic tradition, should not lose. 5, the concept of innovation, method, system about news and propaganda work method innovation, Xi Jinping in 819 speech and 2014 8.18 on promoting media fusion guidance of speech had a brilliant exposition. This time, he once again stressed that “concept innovation, content, genre, form, method, means and formats, system, mechanism, enhance for and effectiveness” and have a more distinctive form of Internet communication background. The first is the concept of innovation. Now more publicity notice is still in the traditional media as a frame of reference issued, with obvious maintenance performance of utilitarian purpose and the formalism of the inertia of thinking, news reports in this case, don’t expect someone watching. Xi Jinping said: “practice of some past, now may not be effective; the past, outdated, now it is imperative; past insurmountable. Now it needs a breakthrough.” Now two or three years later, we still have to study and sort out, which was what should have innovation be inopportune or inappropriate. This is the State Council often abolished some government documents that need to be inopportune or inappropriate, often comb, our work can often do new. last year Tianjin dangerous goods warehouse explosion, obviously feel our traditional media in reporting system, concept, way of expression and so on is too backward. About 1 hour after the explosion in Tianjin, China’s network news media showed the heroic attract language: “we are * * news Tianjin explosion in front of the group reported, about the accident, please ask me!” , and the paper version of the newspaper, the second day only in the fourth edition of the right lower corner of this event published an article even electric head only 334 words reports, incidents of death are not sure that readers get a newspaper, about accident of images and text has been overwhelming in social media spread open, who will see this out of the way news? The traditional media will not change the work idea, method, system, Xi Jinping proposed “the spread of power, credibility, influence and guiding force” requirements would be impossible. 6, statesman newspaper consciousness Xi Jinping in this speech is also the first use of the concept of “running newspaper by politicians” consciousness “. “Politicians newspaper” was put forward by Mao Zedong, with the specific context. Now Xi “running newspaper by politicians as a kind of consciousness, and the journalists” around the center, identify the coordinates in serving the overall situation, bear in mind the social responsibility “together. In our current system of media, to publicize the party’s policies is the responsibility of the media. Therefore, media reporters and editors must have a keen sense of political theory, understand the route of the Party Central Committee, the party to the Central Committee, understand the part to the whole. Happened in the past repeatedly journalists due to not understanding of the party’s policy, no local obey the whole consciousness, to the fact that the estimation of the nature of the error occurred, or because they do not know the basic national policy of national policy to do the descriptions on error. do a politician with the consciousness of running a newspaper is not difficult, as long as the timely and active learning important documents published by the party and the government and the main leaders of the speech, this study should be regarded as part of the job, you can avoid the occurrence of this kind of principle of the reported error, even if there is a man put on a variety of political and academic authority, and will not be power flicker. In this sense, our journalists not the prime minister, but to stand in the prime minister’s height to see the problem, not the general secretary, but to the overall awareness of the general secretary, understand and be familiar with the party’s basic policy in all aspects. Xi Jinping in this speech, reiterated the 8.19 speech of journalists to grasp the “degree of effect” requirements. Then he cites a series of problematic news phenomenon. For example: some of the problems originally is individual incidents, but you a long time, high density reported may let people produce the illusion; some problems need timely guidance, you to a tardy reports, can lead to arguments seem to cover what like; some problems just happened, follow-up development remains to be seen, you a scoop, it may instead caused by passive; some problems originally party and the government is resolutely opposed, you come to a vague reports may also allow people to misunderstand, seemed to harbor these things and people, and so on. This is Xi Jinping asked: “to seize the opportunity, grasp the rhythm, pay attention to strategy, from the degree of efficiency to reflect demand effect”. Obviously, is not simply to avoid the deviation from the report, but, when the degree of efficiency, it is to grasp the initiative in a mature, we need to do in-depth research. To achieve the perfection degree, or Xi two years ago proposed four points: considerable ideological and political quality, overall situation consciousness, judgment ability and the level of business.

  24. Original title: Xiangjiang District 4 projects started to focus Changsha added to Ningxiang Expressway Hunan District of Xiangjiang Yue Ning Avenue (Yuelu section) renderings. Yue Ning Road in Pingshan Town of Lei Feng, ending at Ningxiang county bus station and Ningxiang two ring road intersection, a total length of about 32.93km. February 24th, Hunan District of Xiangjiang Yue Ning Avenue (Yuelu section) officially started construction. Map / reporter Xie Changgui Rednet Changsha, February 25 news (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhao Jing) the West Bank of the Xiangjiang River and will add a beautiful landscape, people and more ecological oxygen rich as a good place for leisure. In February 24th, Yang Lake West Bank of Xiangjiang landscape engineering construction. following the early successfully signed 56 projects, investment 700 million yuan, realize new investment “off to a good start”, the Xiangjiang River in Hunan Province new key projects reopen them. On February 24, began to focus on the Xiangjiang River in Hunan district Yue Ning Road (Yuelu section), the West Bank of the Xiangjiang River landscape engineering Yang Lake, Haichang happy ocean park, Puren international medical town, four projects with a total investment of over 15 billion yuan. Hunan provincial government deputy secretary general, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, Changsha Hunan Xiangjiang District Management Committee Director Guo Zhenggui attended. the, Yue Ning Road (Yuelu section), Changsha Haichang happy ocean park two projects or January 25, Xiangjiang River area concentrated signing ceremony was officially reached a cooperation, just 30 days will complete the project started the preparatory work, smooth construction. this year, Xiangjiang River area shop as a total row project 401, the infrastructure projects 225, 176 industry development projects, years is expected to completed an investment of 906.17 billion yuan, in which government investment 411.32 billion yuan social investment 494.85 billion yuan. will focus on promoting the Xiangjiang River City of joy, Hunan Cultural Park, Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Center, China friendship brother (Changsha) film culture city as the representative of cultural tourism industry projects; on behalf of the science and technology research and development base in Central South University Science and Technology Park, Hunan University of science and Technology Park, Meixi Lake International R & D center, China (Hunan) colleges and universities science and technology achievement transformation and transaction services center; to IKEA, Zhuo Bogen, profit Plaza, the new Austrian gas such as the representative of the headquarters economic projects; in Changsha City hospital for women and children, Puren international medical city is on behalf of the international medical and health projects. Reporter Zhao New Changsha Ningxiang traffic capacity increase newspaper Changsha News February 24, with Yue Ning Road (Yuelu section) officially started, Changsha City to Ningxiang will add a new fast track. Yue Ning road starts from Lei Feng Pingshan Town, ended in Ningxiang County bus station and Ningxiang Second Ring Road intersection, a total distance of about 32.93km, which Yuelu section of the road originated from the high-tech zones and Yuelu District junction dragon house in the vicinity of the nest and terminated at calamus bridge near the village in Yuelu District and Ningxiang County border, long 17.448km, for highway and urban rapid road, design speed of 80km / h, roadbed width 28m. project construction investment amounted to 11.7 billion yuan, the project is to strengthen Changsha City and Ningxiang County with a fast channel, province “1025” trunk road planning of major infrastructure projects, project to promote regional integration, optimize the road network structure, further improve the Changsha Ningxiang and direction of Yiyang intercity traffic capacity has important significance. the project to take the implementation of PPP model, Hunan Xiangjiang River area as the first PPP project has on December 28, 2015 completed public bidding, bidding procedures, projects the company has founded, construction unit has admitted, for new infrastructure mode exploration new path, for PPP project construction of new experience, will create a demonstration project of area innovation investment mode and management mode. create landscape this summer to Ocean Lake to enjoy the “Baihua Yinjiang” and “blue pinnacle” newspaper Changsha news to Gordon House Bridge is bounded, the West Bank of the Xiangjiang River ocean lake will build on the South and north sides of the different landscape. according to reports, the West Bank of the Xiangjiang River landscape engineering Yang Lake, located in Yang Lake area Xiaoxiang Avenue (East) of the East, north of Jin Jiang River Bridge, South to heishipu bridge, east of the Xiangjiang River, 3.6 km journey, landscape area of 22 million square meters, with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, has completed construction and supervision of the tender, plans to in June 2016 full completion of construction. engineering according to the level of the fourth generation of riverside sight belt to planning, renovation and upgrading on the basis of the original green, including landscape lighting, along architectural pieces, riding trails,. project to Gordon House Bridge is bounded, the northern section of public leisure and sports activities, wetland experience three regions, in order to participate in the activities, pay attention to scenic belt and surrounding cities that scenery overlooking the effect of Bai Chau, and on the dike set plate for outdoor activities, strengthen the wind band is involved in the interaction function. Southern divided into two areas of flowers, Yinjiang and blue pinnacle, to crest traffic tour view of the river main. Careful reconstruction of local node at the same time. project is completed, will Ya River landscape belt, Yang Lake Wetland scenic area together, become Yang Lake area residents doorstep ecological oxygen rich Park, has become a symbol of Hedong District overlooking the West Bank of the Xiangjiang River landscape. Visiting the park 2018 in Changsha will be able to visit the ocean park newspaper Changsha News Shanghai Disneyland will be opened, the envy of? In February 24th, Changsha Haichang happy Ocean Park has started. Changsha Haichang happy ocean park by the Hunan Xiangjiang River Area Investment Group Co., Ltd., Hoi Chang (China) Co., Ltd., China Jingye Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. three units to jointly invest in the building. , China Jingye is currently participating in the construction of Shanghai Disneyland project, is the only participated in Disney and Universal Studios, two of the world’s largest top theme park construction general contracting enterprises. Hoi Chang (China) Co., Ltd. has industry-leading polar marine animal breeding technology and theme park construction, operation and management experience. At present, the sea Chang has been in the China chain store and franchise six polar oceans of the world. Changsha Haichang happy ocean park is located in the Xiangjiang Joy City in the southwest corner, north to Tong Xi Road, west near the Pingtang Road, South Road, the governor, east of Huayi Brothers (Changsha) film culture city project, covers an area of 450 mu, with a total construction area of 10 million square meters. with a total investment of about 20 billion yuan, is the integration of marine animals display and performance, large recreation facilities and multimedia recreation as a whole, following in the footsteps of Ocean Park Hong Kong, Zhuhai Changlong ocean Kingdom after the third marine theme park. Changsha Haichang happy ocean park will be divided into four districts, undersea world, polar regions, temperate zone and tropical zone; a dolphin show field, gaiety theatre, sky theater, theme Cinema 4D, water stunts and other five performances field; equipped with a roller coaster, space shuttle, torrent Yong Jin, crazy submarine, double Trojan, water war, aqualoop, Dumbo, children’s Carnival and other various mechanical amusement equipment, is expected to will in 2018 the Xiangjiang River City of joy and other items synchronization completed and put into operation. After the completion of the project is expected annual tourist reception capacity of about 300 million, will become an important force in Changsha, and even in a new cultural tourism business and domestic theme park area. built hospital Puren international medical town in Meixi Lake start newspaper Changsha News February 24, international Puren medical city in Meixi Lake International Metro officially started construction. The international medical town planning area of about 1200 acres, the total investment of about 12 billion yuan. Puren group will cooperate with world class medical institutions, a comprehensive introduction of the most advanced hospital construction, advanced technology, management mode, experts etc. medical resources, “Department of medicine; raise Kang” five in one building in Asia and even the world’s largest cancer treatment rehabilitation base. project is divided into four period of construction, the first phase of the project the Curie (China) tumor hospital planning land about 333 acres, You Puren group and the French Marie Curie research, jointly build, including a comprehensive cancer hospital, four specialist center for tumor therapy and proton therapy center, is expected by the end of 2018 put into use. in order to meet the demand for physicians, technicians, nursing professionals, Puren group will synchronize hospital construction and medical training, has formulated the batch went to France to study medical talents program “, by Puren group and the French Marie Curie research composed of professional personnel qualification group, the first selection of 50 in July this year, he went to France to study for two years, achievement qualification was awarded the degree certificate, and retained the Curie (China) tumor hospital work. Puren group in cooperation with the Institut Curie full range, years will further and German health organization cooperation rehabilitation hospital and molecular pathology center, and MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA, Harvard Cancer Institute established strategic partnership, for international Puren medical city completed a comprehensive energy accumulation.

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