search next or backward and goto line tips for vim

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To search in vim is very simple, even a noob vim user know that,


To search for next?
simply follow by pressing n for next keyword match point and search backward with shift+n or N.

Wanna highlight the keyword and search for next keyword match point?
Place your cursor at the desire word, and press shift 8(8 not at number pad) or *.

To highlight the keyword search?

:set hlsearch

To toggle the high light for keyword search add in ! after hlsearch.

:set hlsearch!

Map this toggle to your fav key binding? check out this.

To goto desire line?
While opening the file, I wanna goto line 165, which originally mention at here before.

vi +165

While in vim, I am editing, now I wanna travel to line 1024, use arrow key or Page up/Page down ? Don’t do that, do this
type 1024 then press shift g or G.

Goto first line?

Goto Last line?
Without pressing number and press shift g or G

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