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If you find your password insecure and wanna change it, you can do that with just type


Type your current password, then type your new password, and retype again to confirm.

In case you forgot your password, you can always reset your password with root user. First gain the root access

su -

Then, redefine the password for user let say eddie.

passwd eddie

With root user, you can check the details of the password management, regarding when the password is set, and the password duration etc for all user or particular user.

Check user eddie

passwd -S eddie

Check all users

passwd -S -a

14 Responses to “Change password”

  1. When I run “su -“, it prompts for password, that’s the root’s password?

    If it’s true, what if we don’t have the root password.. e.g. in Ubuntu default installation. Do we have workarounds?

  2. Sure, you have your own password, in Ubuntu, you uses sudo to gain root access. So, do this

    sudo su -

    Type in your password, then


    Set the password for root.

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  5. does this is the same procedure to change the password in opensolaris

  6. Hi Admin, I just wanna ask how can i break an e-mail password with a patch file???


    Hi Admin,
    i just want to learn, how to find password of particular pc?????

  8. Nobody is doing anything about this. I’ve gotten scammed out of perfectly good money for using unlicensed locksmith

  9. Thanks a lot dude!!! I was so peased off with sudo and all these stuff (new in ubuntu)!!!

  10. forgot my password

  11. ??????

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