convert wallpaper format and size examples

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Image manipulations can be done through command lines. Most of the time, we use GUI software such as GIMP to manipulate graphics, but sometimes it is not convenient to use such huge tool to just perform some simple image manipulation such as resize. Image Magick and Graphics Magick gives us various of command line on image manipulation. In this post, I am going to show you a simple example on how to convert a image from one format to another and simultaneously resize it.

To convert from one format to another, such as png to jpg. Simple do as bellow

convert mywallpaper.png mywallpaper.jpg

For those who have install graphics magick, the equivalent line show as bellow

gm convert mywallpaper.png mywallpaper.jpg

To list all support format,

convert -list format

To resize an image, to 50% of the original image,

convert mywallpaper.png -resize 50% mywallpaper.jpg

To resize on specific resolution,

convert mywallpaper.png -resize 1024x768 mywallpaper.jpg

There are a lots more you can do, refers to for more.
1. ImageMagick: Command-line Tools
2. GraphicsMagick Image Processing

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