how to take a screenshot?

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Taking a screenshot of your desktop is always not a difficult task. Almost all linux distro comes with key binding on print screen button on your keyboard. For the case of gnome when you hit the print screen button, gnome will load up gnome-panel-screenshot (gnome-screenshot), display a small screen preview and ask for a filename to save.

That is convenience, it does the simply way of taking a snapshot of “entire screen”. And it also allow you to set the delay.

gnome-screenshot --delay=5

The command line above will delay for 5 seconds before taking the real screenshot.

When I want take a screenshot of an application, let say Gaim gaim. I ll do gnome-screenshot first and then load up gimp to cut the portion I want out. No! I don’t do that anymore after I discover imagemagick’s import.

import allows you to take a snapshot on anything in the X. Not limit to entire screen, but it is flexible enough for you to specified your range on any portion of your screen.

Let say, I want to take a snapshot of gaim, I will run this:

import gaim.png

When I run this, my mouse cursor turns into a cross. With that cross, i can click and drag my mouse to select the portion of the screen I wanted to snapshot, or simply just click on the gaim application itself.

In case you want to import entire screen, you can specified the root window

import -window root screenshot.png

With help of zenity, you can even create a simple dialog to ask for a filename to save.

timestamp=`date +%d%m%y_%H%M%S`;
filename=`zenity --entry --title "Screenshot Filename" \
--text "Enter the filename for screenshot." \
--entry-text "screenshot_$timestamp.png"`; \
import $filename;

There are more ways to do screenshot in Ubuntu Linux, check it out How to Take a Screenshot in Linux (Ubuntu).

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  1. gnome-screenshot has as many features as the print screen key. Anyone on linux should use Ksnapshot. Ksnapshot has a nice GUI (, selectable reigons to capture, and can print from within the app itself. I don’t know why anyone would want to use the clunky gnome-snapshot at all!

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  4. thanks for article.Also I know very simple and nice tool for make, edit, save and share screenshots
    Very useful for games and share screenshots on forums, chats etc…

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