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gqview, its lightweight, its powerful

gqview is the best image viewer I have discovered so far. It is lightweight, fast, feature rich especially on controls, with a lots of keystrokes, simple GUI controls and command line friendly.

I have compare it with other image viewer such as eog (eye of gnome), gtksee, feh and gthumb, no one seems to be able to compete with it. You can look at the list of features at it’s official website.

Gqview is a GUI image viewer, with flexible thumb view and a directories list for image browsing. With one left click of mouse or space bar to go to next image and middle click of mouse or backspace to go to previous image which is convenient for e-manga reader. You can scroll the mouse roller to go forward and backward too. Drag your mouse to pan the image, right click of mouse to bring out a context menu for more features.

Flexible control with keystroke, Gqview have plenty of keystore, to have a full list, check out ~/.gqview/accels. Some common keystroke as bellow,

f or v        Toggle Fullscreen
x             Fix to current windows
z             Original size
=             Zoom in
-             Zoom out

PageUp or b   Previous image
PageDown or n Next image
Home          First image
End           Last image

Delete        Delete current image
Ctrl c        Copy current image
Ctrl q        Quit

Why command line friendly?

Sometimes you don’t want to see the sidebar (which contain directory list and thumb view), you can take it off by -t and bring it back by +t

gqview -t

When you type gqview, it will automatically browse at current directory, or you can specify the directory for browsing.

cd wallpaper
gqview wallpaper

You can start gqview in fullscreen

gqview -f

You can detach gqview from terminal, and manipulate it with remote option.

To open gqview and detach at the same time

gqview -r

Now at the terminal you can control gqview remotely, going to next image by running

gqview -r -n

For more what you can do remotely

gqview -rh

So to do a fullscreen slideshow recursively within delay 2 second per image,

gqview -sr -d2 -f wallpaper

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  1. […] Amazingly, I didn’t find anything informative, and it is relatively short. Okay, never mind. I load it up by typing gthumb. The control is slightly deferent from gqview (examples here) but some common operation such as fullscreen, next image or previous image share the same keystroke with gqview. […]

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