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You can easily watch videos and view images in ascii. If you are ascii art fans, you will be amazed what libaa and libcaca capable of. libaa is a portable ascii art GFX library, where libcaca as well, is another ascii art library but it have better support such as unicode, 2048 colors etc.

Mplayer support both real time caca and aa playback as video output.

mplayer -vo caca death_note_epi15.avi
mplayer -vo aa death_note_epi15.avi

Besides, play real time video in ascii, both caca and aa have image viewer, where it allows user to view image in ascii. For libcaca, the image viewer is cacaview where for libaa, is asciiview.

Bellow is the snapshot of cacaview, displaying Chinese New Year postcard in color ascii.
ascii caca view

And this is a Jun Ji Hyun ascii view presented by asciiview.
jeon on ascii

Both ascii image viewer support basic functions such as zoom in, zoom out and contrast. Check out its manual for more. For ubuntu user, you can download obtain cacaview through

apt-get install caca-utils

and asciiview

apt-get install aview

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  1. Do you know if there is a way to copy the output of an image?

  2. Yes, you can redirect the stream into a file rather than the standard output.

  3. What command would you use to do this?

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