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Sometimes mouse cursor can be very annoying, when you are reading some articles, writing blog post. Especially when you are using a low quality optical mouse that always have jitter motion on mouse cursor, it will disturbs your reading and writing as well. To cater this issue, we have a package called unclutter to hide your mouse when it is idle for certain period of time.

To make used of unclutter is easy, as simple as

unclutter &

By default, it will hides your mouse cursor after idle for 5 seconds, the cursor will not hide if you place it at root window ( which is your desktop ) and if your mouse introduces jitter it will not going to cater by default. Therefore the common unclutter command line will be like this.

unclutter -idle 2 -root -jitter 10 &

Of cause, there are more options for unclutter to serve specific needs, check out at the man page.

On the other hand, if you like mouse cursor a lot, wish to have it as fancy as possible. You probably wanna install oneko.

Neko means cat in japanese, as its name implies that your mouse cursor will be chaise by an animated naughty neko. The same way you run unclutter, running oneko is not difficult:

oneko &

There are few animated character you can summon besides cat. Tora is the default one, the rest are dog, sakura and tomoyo. To summon anyone of them, for example dog, do this

oneko -dog&

You can summon multiple of them if you like.

oneko -sakura & oneko -tomoyo &

As you do this, few characters may stack together, which is not nice. Therefore you can ask one character follow another one by specified the name for the one to be follow, and -toname for the one who do the chaising.

oneko -tora -name tora & oneko -sakura -toname tora &

Okay, I wanna kill all of them, they are irritating!

pkill oneko

OMG! my cursor becomes ugly default X windows cursor. Don’t worry, reset it to default by running the line bellow:

xsetroot -cursor_name top_left_arrow

or this

xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr

Some how I feel that oneko should handle that when itself terminated.

Run both unclutter and oneko is fine. As your mouse cursor is hiding, the cat will sleep soundly at that position.


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