A better svndiff, allow comparision between different revision

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Refers back to svn command line tutorial for beginners 2, I introduces a bash script that uses svn cat and vimdiff to compare files. This simple script written by Erik C. Thauvin only allows you to compare latest revision source with working source.

What if I would like to compare my current working source with other revision? or compare two different revision’s source?

In order to achieve this, i wrote another version of svndiff. With that you can do this

svndiff -r 45 mybook.tex

or compare different revision,

svndiff -r 45 46 mybook.tex

By the way, you can still do a normal diff between the latest revision and working copy.

svndiff mybook.tex

Download svndiff

Place it in /usr/bin and chmod +x it and you are done.


4 Responses to “A better svndiff, allow comparision between different revision”

  1. This truly is a remarkable improvment, i was suprised when i didn’t find this in default. Coud you post, or email, the sources since i would like to use it on hp-ux? Great blog btw, i’m a regular reader!

  2. berinder:
    Thanks, it is just a script for bash, the source code was posted.

    Download svndiff

  3. if you understand how much i regretted my post when i realized that ;) *wave* I’m the stupid one!

  4. great thing – many thanks for it!

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