wget, a powerful downloader

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If you think wget is only a command line downloader, you are wrong. wget is capable of doing a lots of download. Bellow I gonna show few simple examples:

Let say you want to download a file from a site.

wget http://www.dummy.com/foo.tar.gz

Sometimes lost connection might be happen in the middle of downloads, can I resume?

wget -c http://www/dummy.com/foo.tar.gz

Okay, my internet connection is low, I am facing rapid disconnection, I want it to retry automatically and continue download as well, how?

wget -t 0 -c http://www.dummy.com/foo.tar.gz 
#by default it retry 20 times, and -t 0 is to make it retry always.

Emm… Interesting, what if I want to download the entire web one shot if I have the web URL?

wget -p http://www.dummy.com/blog

What if I want to download the files which i need to specified the username and password?

wget http://www.dummy.com/bar.tar --user=name --password=passwd

What else can I do?
A lots more, man wget.


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