xsnow, brings Christmas to your desktop

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Xsnow is a desktop toy that was originally created as a virtual greeting card for Macintosh systems back in 1984. In 1993, the concept was ported to the X Window System as Xsnow, and was included on a number of Linux distributions in the late 1990s.

Quote from Wikipedia

Did you lives at a place where you can observed the snow drops? I don’t, thats why I urge to see snow flakes drops from the sky. To fulfill my tiny little hope, I bring snow drops to my desktop.

xsnow is an eye candy that brings Christmas feel to your desktop and yet it doesn’t use much CPU resources, you can observe gkrellm at the screenshot.

To run xsnow, simply do this:


By default, you we see the trees are scatter on your desktop and Santa riding reindeer flying over the sky. Well at my screenshot, you do not see that, because I turn it off. Yes! there are a lots of options for you to constructs the snow drops.

$ xsnow -h
Usage: xsnow [options]

       -solidbg     (Performance improvement!)

And my line is

xsnow -notrees -nosanta

At last, I would like to take this opportunities to offers the simple phrase, a phrase from my hearts that its been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Thanks for your support to Linux by Examples, I will try harder to cover more interesting commands next year.

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  1. nice toy!

  2. Один раз задал bgcolor и теперь не могу его сбросить ((
    Плюс жалко, что иконки “затирает”, а так супер )

  3. Keith Hedger Says:

    For all your holiday decorations try this:


  4. emilykazakh wordpress com 2015 02 11 i have felt tenderly cradled in the freefall

  5. Unfortunately, xsnow doesn’t work anymore. Even the website mentioned in the tool has been put on redirect.

  6. There is available a new version of xsnow:


    It is based on the original xsnow (version 1.42), has a graphical user interface and runs in gnome, kde, raspian, …

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