Highlights of Linux by Examples 2007

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In year 2007, we have created 123 post. We blogs what we have learn from daily life, some GUI apps, some commands, some combos and some ideas to make things done. We need your feedbacks, so that we can improve from time to time. Tell us what post you like and what kind of commands or apps are you look forward to learn or master it.

Top Ten Most Popular Examples

01. Extract Audio from Video or Online Stream. Hits:29407
In this post, we show you how you can rip out audio from flash video or online streaming, and convert it to mp3.

02. What is my Public IP Address? Hits: 23188
You can easily obtain your global IP through some website. In this post, we illustrate the ways of using regular expression to extract IP address from the website output.

03. How to wget flv from youtube. Hits: 22874
This post showing you how to identify the raw video link from a website output of youtube, so that you can download the raw video from youtube directly.

04. A complete zenity dialog examples 2. Hits: 22451
We can create a simple scripts that uses GUI dialog to ask for user input, we can use zenity. We show a simple examples for each zenity dialog.

05. Text to speech synthesizer. Hits: 21813
You will have fun with espeak, in this post we gives a lots of examples what espeak can do, use different male and female voices, change pitch, and different languages.

06. Makes your windows stay on top, toggle it. Hits: 21770
This post shows you how to can define shortcut key to makes your window stay on top, and toggle it, it covers for 3 WM, Fluxbox, Compiz, Gnome.

07. Convert audio encoding format with ffmpeg. Hits: 21750
This is a small example on how to use ffmpeg to convert audio’s encoding from one to another.

08. SVN command line tutorial for beginners 2. Hits: 21556
svn command line examples, a lots of us rely one svn front end app, but svn command line is very powerful, no harm learning it, you may need to use it while the front end app is not available.

09. How to ssh without password. Hits: 21120
We are lazy enough, sometimes I want to ssh without password, a very simple example.

10. Overview: Archive tools for linux. Hits: 20654
This is a great post that covers various archive tools, such as gunzip, bzip2, bunzip2, 7z, gzip, unzip, rar, tar, zip.

Editor’s Pick
There are some posts that actually took us quite sometimes to research, although some of them are not getting much hits, but feel free to check them out, you may discover interesting commands and ideas of how things can be done by putting multiple commands together.

01. A complete zenity dialog examples.
Zenity dialog examples consist of two post, part 1 and part 2. Zenity produces very nice GTK+ dialog to get input from users, this two posts shows you how to use zenity by example, and it covers every single dialog zenity support.

02. svn command line tutorial for beginners.
Last time, when I use svn on windows, I rely on svn tortoise. ( svn plugin that integrated with windows explorer) To use svn on linux, I failed to find a convenient front-end, therefor I made up my mind to learn svn command line. The tutorial have part 1 and part 2.

03. CLI Magic
What is CLI? Command Line Interface. We have discovered that there are two magic that increase the interactiveness of CLI, check out Command not found, suggest what to apt-get and Programable bash completion.

04. Array and for loop in awk.
Awk is a very nice command to process column structured data, this post shows how to manipulate array and for loop in awk.

05. Backup
Backup is a very important task for an administrator, we have two post talks about data backup and recovery, check out Backup windows drive with cp and Filter what to backup with rsync.

06. Network Tools Nmap and Tcpdump.
Nmap, A network mapping tool, we have introduces this tool with some simple examples, check out A simple tutorial for network scanning software (nmap).
Tcpdump, we have cover some simple usage of it, check out Simple usage of tcpdump.

07. What is your 10 common linux commands?
We wrote an interesting scripts that will list down your top ten common linux commands, check it out, its fun.

08. A better svndiff, allow comparision between different revision.
We wrote svndiff script that uses vimdiff interface to compare source code of different revision. If you are using svn command line, check this out, its cool.

09. GTK configuration for non-gnome desktop user.
There are a lots of GUI apps was written in GTK+, if you are not running those apps in Gnome, you may want to check this out.

10. Monitor custom programs with ps and watch.
You may want to check this out if you are writing monitoring script, with ps and watch combo, you can monitor the status of specified programs and present it nicely.

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