KMess, a msn messenger client for linux

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Majority of the linux users who have msn account will use pidgin (gaim) or kopete. Me myself using pidgin as an IM client for my MSN account. There are few features of Windows Live Messenger that I wish to have it but its not with pidgin, such as P2P file transferring, personal emoticon, offline message etc.

P2P file transferring – We use msn account for discussion, file sharing internally in the office. P2P file transferring seems to be very useful, because if you are sending files locally, it will be send directly from source to destination without going through the MSN servers.

Personal Emoticon – You can create your own emoticon as gif, and if your friend likes the emoticon you are using, they can save it and use it later.

Offline Message – You can leave your friend a message even if he is not online, because the message will be kept in the server and forward to your friend once he has come online.

I find a lots of request on the features state above in linux forums. Me myself is been searching for alternatives that support those features long time ago. Finally, I discovered KMess.

KMess, known as msn messenger for KDE, support the features stated above and it support a lots more. Please check out its features here. You may also download it from here.

Don’t expect kmess to works perfectly, kmess does not support tabbed message windows like pidgin, it only allows you to login to MSN server, it does not support yahoo IM, gtalk etc, no webcam or voice support yet, I am not sure for future. But you demand for P2P file transferring like I do, you should try it out.

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