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Okay, If you donno what it means RTFM, let me tell you what is it. It is Read The Fucking Manuals. This is what the linux “expert” user trying to be helpful in the forums or channels and ask you to check out the available manuals for help.

Manual is helpful, it contains details reference for every commands you have in your system ( actually not always have manuals for all commands.). But the word “fucking” indicate that it is difficult to read sometimes, thats why Linux by Examples is trying to help new user to get to understand how to use certain command in a very fast manner. After looking at the example and try out, if you still want more feature, you should check out the manual, but by this time, you would be able to “read” the manuals.

To check out the manual is easy, just type man with the command name that you want to check out, for example i want to check out man itself i can do that.

man man

Sometimes i just donno which command i want to use, and i need to search for what command to use, you can do that by searching all contain of man by keyword.

man -k calculator

It will list all it found by showing the manual title , man page number and a brief description. This is actually equivalent to apropos

You may discover man for a same command name it actually have different page with differentt page number. Bare in mind, man can check for info not only commands, but also function call libraries, system call wrapper etc.

In order to list all what a “command” name have, you can do this, for example i want to check for a command call “watch”

man -f watch

It shows me 2 entries, with also indicate the page numbers. This is equivalent to using whatis such as

whatis watch

7 Responses to “RTFM”

  1. Actually, the “fucking” is an indication of anger on the part of the expert trying to tell the non-expert that he/she should have tried consulting the manual before bothering the expert for help, the idea being that, on the contrary, it’s actually pretty easy to read the manual and if the desired information is in it, there is no excuse bothering another person for the information. Otherwise great article!

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