KDE based Fluxbox open folder tips

August 30th, 2008 mysurface Posted in fluxbox, picasa | Hits: 107811 | No Comments »

I am a KDE based Fluxbox user, I am face an issue that some of my gnome applications that have feature of allowing me to locate and open folder doesn’t really work as expected. Those gnome applications are gnome-do and picasa. When I open a folder from gnome-do or picasa, it will be open in firefox. Instead, I want it to open at konqueror.

I didn’t find any solution for that, due to the fact there are not much KDE based Fluxbox users around. But, at last I figure out a work around.

I realized that those gnome applications will call xdg-open when it is asked to open the folders. xdg-open is a bash script that will checks for global environment variable $DE and decide what file browser to execute. I have extracted the important part for reference:

if [ x"$DE" = x"" ]; then
    # if BROWSER variable is not set, check some well known browsers instead
    if [ x"$BROWSER" = x"" ]; then

case "$DE" in
    open_kde "$url"

    open_gnome "$url"

    open_xfce "$url"

    open_generic "$url"

    exit_failure_operation_impossible "no method available for opening '$url'"

The workaround is assign $DE with value “kde”, edit your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc with:

export DE=kde

Relogin again and it is done.

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