How to mount a ssh server?

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After FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) was invented, it opens up a lots of possibility to mount a remote filesystem on various protocol, such as FTP and SSH. FUSE is an API to implement a fully functional filesystem in a userspace program.

I had wrote a post shares the idea how we can mount a ftp host, the same way we can mount a ssh point using sshfs.

With sshfs, we can mount a remote directory through ssh, the command line works like this:

sshfs user-name@host-ip:remote-dir mount-point

Mount-point is simply a directory which we can trigger mkdir to create one. If we want to mount the user’s home directory at the remote server, we can leave the remote-dir as blank. For examples I want to connect to, I can do this: ( Assume I created a folder call ssh_mount )

sshfs surface@ ssh_mount

As simple as that, we had done mounting the ssh server. But bear in mind, it is not the same like you ssh to the server. We are just mounting a remote filesystem, we are still working under the local system environment.

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