3d Desktop, 3D eye candy

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Compare to compiz/Xgl, 3D desktop is not a Windows Manager, but it is an simple eye candy like skippy.

3D desktop animate workspace switching, its real command line is 3ddesk. By running 3ddesk at the first time. It loaded its deamon, the second time, It will capture the current screen of workspace and get into 3D workspace switcher.

But if you do not acquire all the screen for the first time, other workspace will remains grey and blank.

To acquire all screenshot:

3ddesk --acquire=50

It will acquire each page’s screenshot by switching and sleep for 50 miliseconds.

3D desktop have few modes, to check for other functionality,

3ddesk --help

By default carousel mode are used, to change mode to priceisright, do

3ddesk --mode=priceisright

3D desktop will not bind the workspace switcher to ur WM, you have to do the setting manually if you wish to bind it as workspace switcher.

Check out the FAQ session at it’s home page.

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