gcore: Obtain core dump of current running application

March 24th, 2008 mysurface

Core dump is always developer’s friends and can be admin user’s nightmare. Developer’s can always get some clue of what’s going wrong through the core files, given that the apps is compiled with -g. In order to get core dump generated, we must enable the core through ulimit. Generate coredumps to help developer for debugging […]

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debug a currently running program with GDB

April 9th, 2007 mysurface

Here is a quick tips of GDB. There is a time when I was working on a module that was written in c/c++ hangs in the middle of execution. I have no clue how it happens, and it happens quite rare. I keep guessing and try to feed in more debug print lines to search […]

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Some tips of GDB

November 10th, 2006 mysurface

Usually people uses gdb to debug when obtain core dump file. A very common error that trigger core dump is segmentation fault happen, check out this example to get more idea regarding core dump, and gdb. Additional link, here is a great tutorial shows you how to debug when occur segmentation fault. This post is […]

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gdb – access to memory

September 14th, 2006 mysurface

This might be a bit technical, I ll try to explain in a simple way. Gdb is a debugging tool in linux environment. To get into debug a program call a.out gdb a.out Usually you want to set a break point at main function, so we can start to debug from the first entry point. […]

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generate coredumps to help developer for debugging

August 23rd, 2006 mysurface

This is what I learn from durian. Sometimes I get an error while running certain programs, and I wish to help the developer for debugging, what should I send? config.log? screen output? What if successfully compiled the program and when I run the program it gives error? let say segmentation fault. If that is the […]

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