Top Ten Processes Watcher

July 13th, 2008 mysurface

top command provides a dynamic real-time view of a running system. It can display system summary information as well as a list of tasks currently being managed by the Linux kernel. But if you want get something more specific, you must play some tricks on it. For example, I want a clean view of top […]

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monitor custom programs with ps and watch

March 26th, 2007 mysurface

ps is a very useful tool to list all current running processes with various info such as CPU usage, memory usage, process status, process id etc. watch is another good tool to continuously execute some programs in infinite loop. watch allows you to make use of commands such as ps, netstat, lsof into monitoring purpose. […]

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I am watching you

August 15th, 2006 mysurface

To repeatly watching a certain file, such as log files, you can do that: watch tail /var/log/messages By default, this will be refresh every 2 seconds, and tail with list last 10 entries by default too. If you want to have specific refresh rate, you can do so: watch -n 5 tail /var/log/messages This will […]

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