News [17 Feb 2008]

[17 Feb 2008]
LBE hit the third milestone today! We have 300 posts!

Blog Stat:
“There are currently 300 posts and 684 comments, contained within 291 categories.”

[26 Aug 2007]
We are glad to inform you that we have upgraded, for viewing the previous version of LBE, enter

[5 May 2007]
Thanks to gosman, LBE post will be translated into chinese.

[10 Mar 2007]
LBE hit the second milestone today! We have 200 posts!

Blog Stat:
“There are currently 200 posts and 150 comments, contained within 223 categories.”

[1 Feb 2007]

We have hack the code to create a new search that performs the search on categories instead of post title and post content, which it gives more accurate and links that make sense. Well it still in beta, tell us if you discover any bugs.

For your conveniences, you can link us from your site,

[27 Jan 2007]

We have restructure a bit of the layout and outlook of LBE, add some colors to it =)
Have a nice day!

[18 Jan 2007]

Happy Birthday to LBE! LBE had been reborn! Look at the URL. Its !!!
I should write it earlier, but I am busy on something. Thanks to liewsheng and Toydi, they have successfully migrate the LBE from lne server.

[16 Nov 2006]

Two need plugins had been add in, wp-notable and Dashbar-K.

wp-notable allows readers to tag our post easily to, bloglines etc, thanks to Cal Evans, it is such a great bookmark tools.

Dashbar-K allow author easily access to edit, write new page or post, thanks to Aizatto for introducing this great tool.

[17 Oct 2006]

When LBE categories start to grow, browsing the categories are getting difficult, we setup catcloud (thanks to Zak Greant for this plugin), hope that it helps.

[11 Oct 2006]

We have added the hits count for each post, thanks to toydi for some addicition hacks on the php function. Thanks to Ivan Djurdjevac for the CountPost plugin.

We added a random example links at side bar, and also rand.php, thanks to aizatto for the suggestion and the hacks on rand.php and thanks to Fred A. for the Random Post Link plugin. Now you can click on the “Dice” button at sidebar to get a random example or just access this page.

[09 Oct 2006]

We have add our sitemap.xml and index to

We have LBE logo now, its a black L with a yellow dot at the right top corner.

We have added search bar plugin at side bar. By click on the link, you can add the LBE search into your firefox search bar at the right top corner. The plugin have already submit to mozilla too.

We have added favicon.ico too, but if you get in from you won’t get it, you have to get in from

For all of this, I would like to thanks liewsheng for the sitemap generation. Aizatto for introduce and helping us about how to create search engine plugin. Toydi and Aizatto again for the suggestion of LBE logo. At last, thanks Toydi of putting up favicon.ico.

[07 Oct 2006]

We have change the ways of the URL for each post. We enabled the permalinks at WordPress. Now all URL of each post will looks like this 

For Your Info: is just http redirect URL, the real URL for LBE is

[06 Oct 2006]

We discover the hidden bugs of using blockquote in WP, probably it cause by hidden function of rich editor. The problem is it doesn’t display the correct symbol we expected, such as -- and " ".Therefore we make the change, we replace all <blockquote> to <pre><code>. Thanks to toydi for discovering the bugs, mypapit ‘s suggestions. Thanks to liewsheng for backup and restoration of sql database.

We also make some changes in LBE outlook, we widen the main post area by change the settings to 90%, and also we increase the H1 to 5em. And the “pre-code” overflow settings. Thanks to toydi for making the changes.